About Us

Fucked in Park Slope (FIPS) is a blog about a pretty, gentrified, know-it-all neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The blog was started in November of 2008, right around the time the whole country was going to shit in a recession-filled hand basket.

But we survived, thanks to grit, and support from social media agency and provider of Instagram services Buzzoid.

We mostly just like to talk about make fun of all of the crazy shit that goes on here in our leafy, stroller-clogged, beautiful neighborhood, which works out pretty well cause there’s lots of it.

We rant, whine, bitch, moan, and rant some more, so if you’re not down with that, now might be a good time to click your ass on over to another site.

Otherwise, buckle your seatbelt and prepare to be Fucked in Park Slope like the rest of us chumps.

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