Away vs. Chester: Carry-on Luggage Showdown

It’s incredible how much you can save on plane tickets by traveling light, but choosing the perfect carry on luggage isn’t always easy. You obviously need to meet the size requirement for your luggage to fit in the overhead compartment, but, at the same time, you need space for all your belongings, plus a few souvenirs. Luckily, luggage brands are stepping up their game and now you can find great carry-ons that tick all the boxes. The CHESTER Carry On luggage and the Away Carry On luggage are two of the best options out there and, if you’re still not sure which one you should buy, this comparison will help you out:


Size-wise, there’s a very small difference between these two: The CHESTER Carry On measures 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5”, while the Away one measures 21.7” x 13.7” x 9”. Both of them have TSA and IATA approved exterior dimensions that meet domestic and international airline requirements, but the CHESTER falls a bit below cabin requirements, so you won’t have any issues with it anywhere in the world. A half an inch difference may not seem much, but you’ll notice the difference when fitting the luggage in the overhead compartment.

Security & build quality

Both the CHESTER and the Away carry on have TSA-approved combination locks and are made from a durable polycarbonate hard shell which is lighter than aluminum (they weigh just 7 pounds!), but much more durable than plastic. They’re both scratch resistant and waterproof, so if you’re traveling somewhere rainy, you won’t have to worry that your valuables will get damaged on the way. There’s no question that the quality of the outer shell is superior in both models, but the handle and the zipper don’t look quite as sturdy on the Away carry on. The handle feels very wobbly and even if it doesn’t break, it makes the suitcase harder to wheel, even on smooth surfaces. Meanwhile, the handle on the CHESTER is very ergonomic and you can lock it in for improved maneuverability.

Interior & Compartments

With a capacity of 38-liters, the CHESTER and Away carry on bags offer just enough interior space for a week of outfits if you’re a light packer. But, as you may already know, what makes a great carry on stand out is not just the space, but how it’s compartmented.

On the CHESTER carry on, you get two spacious compartments on either side, as well as three interior organizers to store smaller items. The best part is that the small interior organizers zip over the large ones, so no matter how much you throw the luggage around, your belongings won’t get mixed up. You also get a removable nylon laundry bag, so you can separate clean and dirty laundry.

The Away carry on also has a removable bag for laundry, but you only get two large compartments: one designed for clothes and soft objects, the other for hard objects like shoes and toiletries. This is very convenient, but if you want to organize your luggage even more, the CHESTER is a better fit for you.

The Winner

CHESTER’s carry-on luggage is the best. The CHESTER and the Away carry-on bags are both great options that can make traveling light easier than ever before. However, CHESTER’s thoughtful interior compartments and dividers, plus the added handle quality, give it an extra edge and make it the go-to carry on for light and safe travels.

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